Improving your Digital Marketing starts with research

A good marketer will research the following 4 key areas in order to develop a successful website & digital marketing strategy:

  • 1] Your Customer: You need to know who your ideal target audience is and what problem you are solving for them
  • 2] Your Company: Adjust service, price and messaging towards your competitive advantage and customer needs.
  • 3] Your Competition: Knowing your competition will give you the right direction to take for your marketing strategy
  • 4] Your Industry Working with industry leaders and influencers is an essential part of a modern marketing strategy

Our work here aims to help you with company, competitor and industry research. In order to do this, we reviewed 1633 companies and made 38 key metrics available on a light report that you can view online here as well as a full PDF report with 80 metrics that you can download here.

In addition to the individual company reports, you'll find industry research and articles.
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2017 Promat Marketing Report

We reviewed 850 Promat exhibitors web sites & 780 Global Logistics companies web sites to develop an industry report that discusses the following topics:

  • Web Design and Usability
  • SEO Metrics
  • Digital Globalization
  • Link Building Strategies
Checkout Table of Results

Research Study #1: Design

20 Great Looking Web Sites

Our independent panel of reviewers went through 1635 web sites to give a design score for each on a scale from 1 to 10. Below are 20 examples of the highest ranking sites from Promat exhibitors, MHI members and global supply chaing companies:

Research Study #2: Domain Strength

Highest Ranking Web Sites

Having a great looking web site is important, but even more important is the ability to attract the right traffic to your site. We call this off-page Ranking factors and include 7 metrics to calculate the score. Below are the top 9 companies from Promat Show, MHI Members as well as global supply chain industry. We show the 3 most important off-page factors: Traffic, Domain Strength and Backlinks.


  • Domain Authority: 73 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 7,300,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 78,101


  • Domain Authority: 68 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 8,000,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 55,579


  • Domain Authority: 73 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 2,000,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 34.456


  • Domain Authority: 65 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 12,900,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 80,978


  • Domain Authority: 71 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 22,900,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 87,450


  • Domain Authority: 65 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 360,500 / month
  • Referring Domains: 11,671


  • Domain Authority: 63 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 4,900,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 22,051


  • Domain Authority: 56 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 3,00,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 15,934


  • Domain Authority: 66 from 100
  • Organic Traffic: 451,000 / month
  • Referring Domains: 22,000

Research Study #3

24 Best On-Page SEO

Website load speed, security, mobile friendliness, site structure, crawlability and others are portions that contribute to an overall on-page SEO score. The following 24 companies scorred highest for the 14 essential on-page SEO factors which we analyzed:

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We researched 854 Promat exhibitors web sites, 529 global supply chain company websites as well as 250 MHI member web sites in order to create individual, detailed Online Marketing Reports for these 1633 companies. You can see the results of this research in our 'light' report table here, or you can download a full report for your company with 80+ metrcis by clicking below.

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